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Event: Killing Your Business Ideas

We hosted our first physical event on ‘Killing Your Business Ideas here at our quarters in SOHO. We were lucky to have a great turnout and a highly engaged group of people from many different trenches 💪

Thank you Manel Romeu Belles for a great keynote speech on fake door pretotyping. Thanks to everyone who took part, for your commitment and your curiosity!

The topic of experimentation and understanding the importance of collecting real evidence in product development are without a doubt as relevant as ever, and tricky to tackle. Questions around feasibility , ethics and culture were discussed, making it clear that the topic of experimentation is as much about “the how '' as it is about culture, people, and leadership. It was very clear that there is a growing need for addressing the corporate barriers of experimentation. Perhaps that will be a topic for our next event - what do you think? 🧐

Apart from providing some food for thought, the attendees were handed out the first version of our very own Unlikly Rapid Experimentation Card Deck. The cards were put to the test at the event and we look forward to getting feedback from the event participants as they try out the cards in their respective businesses.

More Unlikly events to come - and we look forward to welcoming you all again.

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