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We're launching nlmtd in Denmark

We're big believers in collaboration, not only between organisations, but also across borders. That's why we, ever since we founded Unlikly, have delivered projects together with international partners. That's how we challenge ourselves and how we learn, because the world is considerably bigger than Denmark. And that's how we  extend and build upon our own capabilities for change and innovation.

Now we're formalising our partnership with nlmtd, a Dutch organisation, to launch nlmtd in Denmark. Nlmtd brings a team with entrepreneurial expertise in sustainability, food transition, and energy transition, along with an impressive track record of orchestrating innovation programs and partnerships to tackle strategic and impact challenges.

As Unlikly, this is a natural step in our own journey to internationalise and grow. The core value proposition remains the same: To build capabilities for perpetual change and innovation. Stay tuned and check out nlmtd.

Rikke Kornby new partner

With Rikke entering Unlikly, we are strengthening our capabilities to merge innovation and organizational change and behaviour. Rikke has years of experience working in the field of Agile transformations, building leadership capabilities, facilitate team dynamics and accelerate on product development. 

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