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We’re doers, challengers, and entrepreneurs... 


 We help ambitious 

 businesses grow.

 We challenge you 

 to try something different. 

 Something Unlikly 

 Unlikly has a simple mission:  to help ambitious organisations improve their capabilities for innovation and change. Too many are struggling with making it work, and when it does work, it's vulnerable.

 We believe  the conversation has to change. Organisations find themselves with one foot in the old world of strategic planning and predictable execution, and the other foot in the new world of experimentation and empirical discovery. Unlikly understands how to reconcile these two worlds and make collaboration between unlikely partners work.

Because  we know both worlds. 

We're a small team with a  laser focus on creating results  and we work with you to co-create and adopt new ways of working and leading innovation in your organisation.

 Maz  Spork


Maz has a huge innovation toolbox that he uses to help leadership teams design innovation ecosystems and accelerate and de-risk new initiatives.


He is passionate about the people piece, which is what Unlikly is all about.


 Rikke  Thomsen Kornby


Rikke knows how to build healthy cultures of collaboration with a better sense of direction.

She is passionate about re-thinking and re-designing organisations that can thrive with complexity.

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 PJ  Kuczynski 

Creative consultant and Game designer

PJ is a toolmaker and roomshaker, having built game-based formats and processes across both private and public sectors.


He has a specific skillset from game and transformational design that he uses in his hunt for real impact. He is constantly developing new ways of interacting, focusing on using the Future to make decisions in the Present.


 Lone  Ørum

Digital Designer

It's all about the user/customer perspective for Lone. ​


She loves the power of early-stage testing and the challenge of visually communicating the product before it has even seen the day of light.




nlmtd supports organisations in becoming future-proof. We do this by co-creating learning organisations. In such an organisation, purpose, strategy, people, and resources are optimally aligned. We are passionate about helping accelerate the energy transition and enabling open innovation for our clients. Our organisation is based on entrepreneurship: Good people who are entrepreneurial work hard and deliver quality to customers. By co-creating with real professionals, we add value to our clients' businesses time and time again.


Thirdroom is a digital platform and facilitator for deep-rooted learning and collaborative entrepreneurship. We accelerate the full startup journey from great team projects to prototypes, impact solutions to international collaborative partnerships.

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