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 RETHINKING ENERGY  is a pan-European open innovation platform designed to resolve some of the toughest challenges in the transition into a decarbonised future by radical collaboration between unlikely partners.


Rethinking Energy has been designed in collaboration between Unlikly, nlmtd, and TNW. The platform has been initiated to help accelerate the energy transition by connecting companies in the energy ecosystem to proven solutions for their innovation challenges, and to facilitate effective collaboration.


Read more about Rethinking Energy, our partners, and connect with our team.


Today's organisations are facing increasing complexity, increasing uncertainty, ever shortening product life cycles, and rapid change. In short, the pressure on innovation is increasing.


However, organisations spend more time and budget than necessary on developing their own innovative solutions for very similar challenges instead of leveraging existing solutions.


Rethinking Energy allows its partners to be part of a collaborative innovation approach that enables them to share data, research, insights, and solutions to speed up the energy transition.


We use our global scouting team and our industry knowledge to connect these challenges to the best global solutions, reducing the need for expensive internal development.

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