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As part of your overall strategy, you are building a team of innovators to help bring new products and services to the market.

It's in the shape of a digital lab, innovation garage or hub, tasked with trying something different than what you are otherwise organised for. In the future, you want to integrate new solutions into the core business. 

In practice, most new innovation teams survive for only a few years because the internal ecosystem supporting the innovation team is weak.

Unlikly helps you get off the ground with a solid mission, a bridge to the core, and a minimum set of metrics, tools, and practices. We also take the steps to avoid an early death by building strong feedback loops and continuous improvement.

Your investment into innovation is too important to be left to chance.

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Your organisation already has an existing framework in place to structure and execute innovation projects, but somehow results are not materialising. You want to renew your efforts, simplify the process, and focus on execution.

Organisations finding themselves in this situation are coming from a position of strength because the need for innovation is already well understood. However, many of the cool tools are simply not being used in practice. 

Unlikly helps review your framework and understand why it doesn’t bring the expected business outcomes, and together we adopt  the simplest set of objectives, practices, and measures that we can get away with - with your customer at the centre.


That’s the key to avoiding another false start and move on from the perpetual stop-and-go nature of most innovation processes.

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If you have many innovative activities and projects around your organisation that are all quite close to your core, read on! Even with a healthy process that does produce tangible business outcomes, your actual innovative contribution amounts to new features in existing products or services.

Whether you have a high R&D spend that isn’t converted into growth, miss out on opportunities driven by emerging technologies, or struggle with the green transition, the big questions for your organisation are: How do we raise the bar for innovation, look further into the future, take better risk, and ultimately create more impact?

Unlikly helps organisations move from incremental to radical innovation with two power moves: We imagine and explore your future together in order to understand and evaluate it, and we enable you to work with companies from the outside in order to make it happen faster. Because even if you hire the best people on the planet and try to innovate by yourself, you will have a lower success rate.


It takes courage to drive impact innovation that has the potential to change business models. Read more about what we can do for you below.

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